Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL

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An extremely efficient portable foldable cooker for grilling, cooking or heating. Perfect for extended outdoor trips, camping, trekking, bikers, expeditions and more. The fuel needed is free and can be found everywhere in nature - twigs, branches, leaves and in an emergency even animal dung.

When folded up, the ideal Hobo-oven is only slightly thicker than 1 cm and can be placed nearly everywhere. The Bushbox XL can be easily unfolded at the hinges and is immediately ready for use. (It can be even set up with gloves or cold fingers, which has been already proved at expeditions).

The Bushbox XL works on the chimney principle: the air flows from the bottom of the cooker and makes even moist material burn and generates intense heat which is supported by the fact that the heat can´t almost be radiated to the side and the radiation is concentrated to the top. The Bushbox XL is an efficiency miracle. Only some small twigs can get the water to boil within 4 minutes, barbecue meat, prepare a meal and much more. Twigs, branches, charcoal and even animal dung can be used as fuel. Also a spirit stove, hexamine fuel paste tablets or a fuel paste cooker can be used. By using the two mezal rods which are included, an external heat source (e.g. Trangia) can be placed at any height of the Bushbox XL. They can be also inserted on the upper side of the cooker so that even smaller containers can be warmed up. The extremely variable pot stands included can be used alternatively as a height adjustment when using other heat sources, for transportation or moving the hot cooker and as mounting for the Trangia cooker.

  • Stopping position for the Trangia cooker

  • Weight 800 grams

  • Packing size: 12,5 x 19 cm


Also available as complete set:

The complete set in the best-selling combination: Bushbox XL.

Universal grill (usable as barbecue, trangia-platform, inset for charcoal) and durable outdoor bag – all together cheaper in the set! For users who want to use the Bushbox XL profi set in combination with Trangia cookers, we would recommend to order an additional pot stand.



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